Brev til Varalaksmis mentor #2

Højtærede Sadhil Jeg beklager, at jeg forlod Charam uden at sige ordentligt farvel. Det gik lidt stærkt. Nu er jeg på den gård, som mine venner Chatar og Leo ejer. Det er et lille sted, som skal brødføde rigtig mange mennesker. Jeg har fået et grundigt indblik i, hvor nøjsomt mennesker kan leve. Leos ogFortsæt læsning “Brev til Varalaksmis mentor #2”

Brev til Varalaksmis mentor #1

Højtærede Sadhil Lad mig først takke dig endnu engang for at indvillige i at være min mentor. Jeg takker for dine råd og vejledninger. Jeg ville have vendt tilbage til Varalaksmi-templet for at fortælle dig om mine fremskridt, men den ærede konges besøg har fået byvagten på den anden ende, og selv jeg kunne ikkeFortsæt læsning “Brev til Varalaksmis mentor #1”


Varalaksmi was born into a wealthy Brahmin family – the sixth (and last) child and second daughter. Due to difficulty at the birth she was born bluish (from lack of oxygen) – a sure sign of her divinity. She was given the name Dogesha – her maternal grandmothers name – a name she soon cameFortsæt læsning “Varalaksmi”

Grace Hunter

My characters name is Grace Hunter. She works for a secret society, who deals with keeping the balance in the world by keeping the offspring of the titans – demons – under control. Grace is a demon hunter. She works with Cassie, who is born into the society – while Grace is physically strong andFortsæt læsning “Grace Hunter”

18. Grace and the oneads of Terra

Grace Hunter – Bretonia I shall begin with myself. ‘Born’ in 1818. Mate unknown – most likely human. Unaware of my song – apart from a few notes that continously resonate in me. Raised by Eileen and Fred Smith from 1819-1832. He turned out to be a demon, and I killed him. Spent 5 yearsFortsæt læsning “18. Grace and the oneads of Terra”

17. Rescue mission

We are back in London. Riding in carriages and trains is not particularly pleasant, when your head hurt, so Mackenzie is put directly to bed upon our arrival. Put she really doesn’t want to spend more time in bed. We start practicing again – nothing too stressing, mostly it’s just to regain strength and movability.Fortsæt læsning “17. Rescue mission”

16. Weeks of leisure in Straithclyde

I love Straithclyde! I really do. Not just because of the rocks and the fact that the oneads have a Home here, but the people and their kindness and their sense of humor. They tell me so many tall tales, and laugh at me for believing every one of them. But not in a wayFortsæt læsning “16. Weeks of leisure in Straithclyde”

14. Grace in the pit of monstrosities

After an hour in the carriage I am tired and hungry. The driver call down to me: “Should we go on, miss, or do ye want to rest?”. “Rest, please” I call back. I am tired. The day has been full of experiences and dark thoughts. Dr Husk’s last words to me keep resounding inFortsæt læsning “14. Grace in the pit of monstrosities”

13. The case of the ghost in the machine

I am GMing this part. I may eventually write it into a story, but not just yet. In stead I give you Cassie’s wonderful letters to Grace (written by Liv) – in danish. I may translate by popular demand, but otherwise here it is, in Cassies very own giddy words: Første brev Kære Grace ÅhFortsæt læsning “13. The case of the ghost in the machine”