12. Winter season and the evaluation of Grace

Addendum 412 I am moving trough the crowds heading for the temple of Zeus. It’s a bright autumn day, with just a touch of coming frost in the air. The temple is ridiculously big, and the crowds are likewise. The lines move slowly towards the entrance, and police checks our admission tickets with great care.Fortsæt læsning “12. Winter season and the evaluation of Grace”

11. The case of the laughing corpse

Autumn is upon us. I like the rain and the wind – it vastly improves on the smell of the city. We are moving. Since Niall has moved out of his flat, Mackenzie has been on a lookout for at place to stay that was not right next to her mother. Vincent and I haveFortsæt læsning “11. The case of the laughing corpse”

10. The case of the demon and the baker’s wife

Niall has left us. The heiress Caroline Mathilde showed up with a baby on her arm, and told him that he was the father. So he left with her. I am a little dissapointed that he reneged on his promise to Artemis to look out for me, but I am sure that Artemis will understandFortsæt læsning “10. The case of the demon and the baker’s wife”

9. The case of the haunted B&B

We throw our bags on the floor by the bed, too tired to unpack. I fall into our chair and Vincent drops to the bed with his arms wide. We both sigh deeply. What a trip! I hear steps coming up the stairs in a hurry. Vincent sits up on his elbows and we lookFortsæt læsning “9. The case of the haunted B&B”

8. The case of the sister and the zombie fish

1. Things are strange for a while. Aphrodite is still pissed and there is not a lot of love going around. I still love who I’ve always loved (Vincent and Cassie), so I’m not much bothered by it. But a lot of other people are really cranky, and it’s frankly getting a bit annoying. VincentFortsæt læsning “8. The case of the sister and the zombie fish”

7. How to exorcise a demon

1. Cassie is home! I watch her walking down the gangplank wrapped in heavy furs, and two sailors bend low with her luggage. She looks like a bear. I run to hug her – we all do – and we laugh and talk all at once. She has been in Valakia, where it is presumablyFortsæt læsning “7. How to exorcise a demon”

6. The trial of Grace Hunter

1. Homeless The journey home from Nanga is rather trivial compared to the last couple of months. The weather is surprisingly mild, and we encounter no storms at all. Nanga is warm and dusty, when we leave, and there is no sign of the rain that usually fall this time of year. The sailing isFortsæt læsning “6. The trial of Grace Hunter”

5. The abduction of Henry and Niall

I am 31 years old, but I feel 100. I sit with my back against the wall in the hospital in Kandehar. Vincent sits next to me, and MacKenzie sits on his other side. Niall, Henry and Max are under the care of the doctors. Or will be once the doctors are done taking careFortsæt læsning “5. The abduction of Henry and Niall”

4. The case of the ruined city

I am 31 years old and winter is upon us. The first snow falls prettily and quietly, and covers the city in white dust. For a day the streets are clean and bright. But soon the snow is black with coaldust and dirt, and we put on galoshes and raise our skirts not to getFortsæt læsning “4. The case of the ruined city”

3. The case of the chinese whispers

We lay low for a while. I redo Vincent’s tattoos and can practically hear the demon growl under his skin as I do so. Henry has his eyes seen to, and then goes away for a while to recuperate. Then they split us up to do different tasks. They send Cassie to Nanga to fetchFortsæt læsning “3. The case of the chinese whispers”