Dzemila is born into a nomad desert tribe with a special connection to the sprites and spirits of nature. When she is 7 years old, she and her mother are captured and sold as slaves to a wizard/alchymist. At 15 Dzemila looses her mother, and escapes from her servitude taking the wizard’s magic book and enslaved djinn with her.

I never actually got to write anything from the playing. Everything here is her story up until she meets the group of other players. Though I liked playing her a lot, she didn’t work out in the group, unfortunately. That’s just how it is sometimes.

Dzemila’s story:

  1. The escape
  2. Invocation
  3. Moving on and moving up
  4. Poison
  5. Wandering
  6. Maithair

Offentliggjort af Den tatoverede børnebibliotekar

Bibliofil rollespiller, Æventyrer, lystløgner, mor og zeppelinerstyrmand. Jeg har knytnæverne resolut plantet i siden og med en kappe, der blafrer i vinden

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