Jeg har skrevet mange digte og små historier i tidens løb. Jeg lægger lidt op af og til – starter i det små 🙂 Der er meget, der skal sorteres…

A snowkiss has two realities
On one side it is cold and wet and tastes of nothing
On the other it is sweet, it brings wonder, it brings forth memories of childhood and better days
A snowkiss calls for the warmth of a hearth, a cup of cocoa, the embrace of someone I love
A snowkiss is magical – it transcends from the chemical connection of hydrogen and oxygen into a cluster of tiny frozen stars that passes over the lips and becomes a thousand tales of wonder.

Små ting med stor betydning:
Blå bolde

Rundtosset indtil jeg ikke er det mere
Snurrer i vildskab
Slipper taget
Standser og sanser
Når svimmelheden er forsvundet
Ligger sandheden lige for

I stand on the top of a hill
The wind blows right through me.
I cannot move, yet I spin, so I can see
All the world beneath me.
The only sound I hear
Is the wind howling in my ears
And the pounding of my own heart.
And – from far far away – your voice whispering my name.
Begging me to come down from this cold mountain
This icy refuge
To abondon my solitude.