Varalaksmi was born into a wealthy Brahmin family – the sixth (and last) child and second daughter. Due to difficulty at the birth she was born bluish (from lack of oxygen) – a sure sign of her divinity. She was given the name Dogesha – her maternal grandmothers name – a name she soon came to dislike intensely since her older sister nicknamed her ‘Doggy’ or just plain ‘Dog’. She was spoiled by everyone else – to the chagrin of the elder sister, whom she never really got along with. At age 6 she left the hated birthname behind her to assume the name of Varalaksmi, as she became the goddess incarnate. Though Varalaksmi was dutiful in her responsibilities as the goddess, she dreamed of great adventures, and often talked at length with the people who came to worship her – particularly if they had travelled a lot or had other tales to tell. At age 9 she went on an adventure of her own into the bustling city of Charam, and miraculously absolutely no harm came to her. She was the goddess after all, and any nearby thieves, murderers and childmolesters with vicious intend found cruel deaths that day. Not so much because of Varalaksmis divinity however, but because her brothers, who secretly had her back (and front and sides), were such good fighters. Varalaksmi feared nothing growing up, and had nothing to fear. Except demons – the born and sworn enemies of benign deities. Varalaksmi dreamed of killing demons in the flesh, when her goddess days were over, and convinced one of her trusted guards to teach her the spear. She has yet to face a demon, but the dream certainly lives! Varalaksmi believes that she will one day become a great demonslayer, and thus make the world a better place for everyone!

Being the goddess is to be worshipped. All the time. Every waking minute. It gets dull after a while, but Varalaksmi have borne the burden graciously. Even though she left her place as the goddess behind her many years ago (her term ended, when she had her first period at 16), she still have some of the manners of entitlement. Not because she is haughty or arrogant (as such), but because she is so used to others clearing her messes for her. She loves people with the clear certainly that they love her in return. In deed the devout and her family does. All but one: as mentioned, her sister, Kashiva, loathes her. Kashiva was always pushed to the back, was not the beacon of light that Varalaksmi was, was not doted upon by the brothers and parents and servants. She married a rich and powerful man, and they may try to twart Varalaksmi now that she is no longer invulnerable and protected by the temple. Varalaksmi is pretty ignorant about all this. She is not particularly fond of her sister, but neither does she fear her. And maybe she should…

After her duty as the goddess was over Varalaksmi stayed in the temple, both to guide the new goddess and to learn magic. She is magesworn, and swore off sex in return of magical powers. A choice she has second thoughts about now… Varalaksmi is hotblooded in many ways, and it is a true struggle for her to pack away lust, infatuation and desire. She resently travelled all the way to Bretonia to consult an expert in such matters, but got no clear answer. Thus she does not know what exactly the consequences are, should she give in to her desires. She may have to experiment. How far can one go and still be able to connect to the magic? Does kissing count as sex? Does oral or manual sex? What effect will an orgasm have on the magic? What in deed is an orgasm? And will the magic be gone forever, or merely awhile? Such questions are often on her mind. She has as yet no experience in the matters. She was extremely close to a fellow student of magic at the temple – Neerav – but they never really got around to actually doing anything. Neerav had sworn off the use of his voice, so they couldn’t even discuss it. But they did send long and mournful looks at eachother. Who knows where he is now?

As the naturegoddess Varalaksmi – and as a student of the magic in Varalaksmis temple – Varalaksmi has great knowledge about nature – flora and fauna both. She is particularly interested in insects. No one else at the temple shared this interest, so Varalaksmi had to search for knowledge outside of the temple. And she found it. She is the only female member of The Entomological Society of Charam and is by far the youngest. It is really just a bunch of peculiar old men, who likes bugs, and they treat Varalaksmi with a mix of tolerance and disdain. She is certain that they all love her and indearingly call them all ‘grandfather’. They are not all equally fond of this.

Varalaksmi is annoyingly elegant and lovely to look at, and she seems as if she doesn’t know. She comes across as sweet and quite a bit naive, and almost impossible not to like – except to those who can’t stand her kind of goody goodness. Varalaksmi sees the world as a playground, and sees only adventure, when others see hardships, but only because she has not really experienced hardships yet. She has a thing coming: No one can keep their innocence in a world full of demons. And demons are not the only ones who wish her ill. She will have an awakening, and life will cease to be all sweet smelling roses and pretty butterflies. And toying with desire will also one day be more than a game. The real world knocks. Will Varalaksmi answer?

After some initial difficulties in the world Varalaksmi gets an advisor, that she writes letters to.

Letter #1
Letter #2

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