Fiona Blackwell

When we finished with Manon, Robert, Marco etc. we went on to the next generation. For a while I played Gabriel, Manons son, but playing a guy doesn’t suit me very well. Marco’s son Enrique and Robert’s 3. son Jean Luc played besides him (amongst others). I didn’t write any notes to Gabriel.

Then we moved the set to the Island Kingdom. Enrique and Jean Luc went along. I started playing Phoebe, a goofy but pretty smart girl whose heart beat for science. Eventually it began beating for Enrique as well, and when I left her they were engaged to be married. I didn’t write any notes to Phoebe, either.

Along came Fiona Blackwell (one of those ideas that just pop into the head). Fiona is a 3. generation pirate and Phoebe’s halfcousin (their fathers are half brothers). We invented a new advantage for her: lucky charm. She is not herself particularly lucky or unlucky, but she brings luck to those who work or fight beside her.

Fiona can’t read anything besides maps and various nautical expressions, and she certainly can’t write. So what to do? I wanted to start writing again, but Fiona couldn’t do it. So I invented James Wotham, an Aurorian writer, with a number of books about pirates on his resumé. He writes the story of the 3 generations of Blackwells – William, Charles and Fiona. The indexcard at the National Library of the Republique of Ryendor says this about the book:

No. 874.352
Blackwell Pirates, Ye truthefull storie of
by James Wotham
Anno 1635

Donated to The National Library of the Republique of Ryendor by the Duke Henri Louis d’Anjou in 1956 along with a number of other prizeless books and papers (amongst which were: 8 original manuscripts, 13 pamphlets on various topics, a number of private letters addresed to the Duke Charles d’Anjou (1569-1642) and a quantity of unpublished poems all by Manon de Bergerac (1577-1636)).
This copy is incomplete. Quite a lot of pages are missing in fact. The only other copy known to exist is in the Royal Library of Aurora and is to my knowledge also incomplete.

L.G. 4/3-1957

Ye truthefull storie of the Blackwell Pirates:

1. She is born
2.Childehoode in Port Royal
3. Going out to sea
4. St. Thomas
5. Treasure hunting
6. Following clues
7. St. Jamesport – City of the dulle
8. Lord of the winds
9. Port Royal in Goldmouthes grasp
10. Making war on Goldmouthe
11. Brotherhoode of the Coast
12. Spirits
13. Her Majesty’s service
14. Legacies
15. Redemptions
16. The Far Eastern Traderoute
17. Between corsairs and sirens
18. Punjab – land of spices and city of trouble!
19. How to befriend a dragon
20. Hard times
21. Cagliano
22. Virgin voyage of The Ienne
23. The Fury
24. Coggshead
25. The end of Big Dick Lester
26. Mermaid and madness
27. Getting back at Legless Carlos
28. Joining the goode cause
29. The Sting
30. Cashing in on the loot
31. Damsell in distress
32. A quest
33. Faleron – an abbey under siege

Also there is this:

Pyrate poetry (found along with Fiona’s precious maps)

The fury of Goldemouthe

N’Gotes writings (Written by Karl Sørensen, who played N’Gote, Fiona’s boatswain)

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