33. Faleron – an abbey under siege

Faleron is a large complex of houses, chapels, a hospital and a famous library connected to a small fishing village on a windy and ragged peninsula. The fisherman’s village was situated by a natural harbour in a cove a little back from the abbey, and 3 türkmenish corsairs were now lying in the cove firingFortsæt læsning “33. Faleron – an abbey under siege”

32. A quest

A few words must needs be be added before I begin this chapter. The knowledgeable bibliophilic will know this chapter did not figure in the 1st edition of this book, and will not be found in any 2nd edition either. The censorship conditioned that it be excluded from any published editions on the pain ofFortsæt læsning “32. A quest”

31. Damsell in distress

After having bought Antonio a new set of clothes (the other set had been rather damaged during his ordeal with the city guards and the hanging cage) and brought him home to his sour wife, the Ienne set course for Brest, where the kingpretender’s fund was to be delivered. Once in Brest the crew wasFortsæt læsning “31. Damsell in distress”

30. Cashing in on the loot

For the next couple of days their followers were spotted at intervals. Apparently a sloope, a lineship and a frigate were still giving chase. Fiona and a couple of the others had time however to check out the cargohold – there were no more foreign sailors on board, but treasure was, lots and lots ofFortsæt læsning “30. Cashing in on the loot”

29. The Sting

For the following I have had several reports to rely on. They aren’t completely consistent, but I believe I’ve managed to sieve the most unlikely tales from the truth: The Soleil (captained by Blair) and the Ienne (captained by Billy) waited down the channel beyond sight of the fortress, while Ernest, Jean Luc, N’Gote, HawkFortsæt læsning “29. The Sting”

28. Joining the goode cause

It was here in Cagliano that Fiona and her crewe first met Edward Baird, the son of the industrious Mr. Baird they had come across before, as my honoured readers will recall. He was the one who had arranged for Fiona and Hawk’s pardons. Today their meeting has a somewhat historical value and their commonFortsæt læsning “28. Joining the goode cause”

27. Getting back at Legless Carlos

Back at Cagliano – the only official harbour now safe to them – the crew was paid and given shore leave. Jean Luc went to sell some of the cocoa beans to his shipping company and received quite a good price for them – enough to pay every crewmember what was due him and toFortsæt læsning “27. Getting back at Legless Carlos”

26. Mermaid and madness

With the beach in sight, Jean Luc fell into the grip of mad visions and when the anchor was cast, so did Dominique. As the longboat was lowered N’Gote fell victim as well, and with a small handful of scared, but still barely sane, crewmen, Fiona sailed to the beach and started digging a holeFortsæt læsning “26. Mermaid and madness”

25. The end of Big Dick Lester

The Ienne returned to the island and the Ishwas bringing tobacco and rum with them. They found the chief in a cave, where he was making paintings on the walls. He was happy to see them, and thanked them for relieving his ancestors’ forest of the white men. He agreed to let two of hisFortsæt læsning “25. The end of Big Dick Lester”

24. Coggshead

Before they could sail to Port Fender however, they had to repair the ship. In the meanwhile Ernest joined Hawk on a journey across the island to see Phoebe Blackwell. She was severely distressed to learn of Captain Velasques’ demise in Punjab, and decided right off to go there herself. She wanted to see whereFortsæt læsning “24. Coggshead”