22. Virgin voyage of The Ienne

In Port Vender (or Port Vendateir as it is also called) Fiona sought out the local bosses (the Gillows-clan) and asked for permission to hire amongst their men. For some reason or other they let her do so without any sort of commission – she must have argued her case well, for the Gillows-clan areFortsæt læsning “22. Virgin voyage of The Ienne”

19. How to befriend a dragon

Well, how to tell this? We roamed around in the city that day – looked at what we should bring back home with us, making deals, and I visited a temple with the Captain and had an eerie experience there. He showed me the crystal-thing that the old man that showed us the way throughFortsæt læsning “19. How to befriend a dragon”

18. Punjab – land of spices and city of trouble!

After weeks and weeks at sea it was decided that now was the time for laundryday – of both men and clothes. Being a disgustingly clean person myself (by maritime standard), I had no urgent need to wash or do laundry at that particular day, so I was sent to the crow’s nest to lookeFortsæt læsning “18. Punjab – land of spices and city of trouble!”

17. Between corsairs and sirens

As soon as we were out of sight of Abbas Point we hoisted our black sails. That did slow us down a bit, but made the timing of our entrance into the strait close to perfect. I took the crows nest, Jean Luc and the Captain were alert on deck, while Hawk was at theFortsæt læsning “17. Between corsairs and sirens”

16. The Far Eastern Traderoute

While I was being operated on – the doctor demanded the operation took place before we left harbour, thus setting us back a bit – a ragged and dirty man showed up on shore and demanded to be let on board. The lot on guard was somewhat new on The Fortuna, and they didn’t realizeFortsæt læsning “16. The Far Eastern Traderoute”

15. Redemptions

“Ah, Stevenport, yes…” Fiona picks up the tale quite willingly at this point. “We arrived in Stevensport, and within the first hour both Hawk and I were arrested (Jean Luc came along for good measure) by soldiers and brought to The Henrietta – a lovely fast little ship with ample cargospace – an ideal smuggler.Fortsæt læsning “15. Redemptions”

14. Legacies

As soon as Fortuna was ready we left port and headed north-east. Our next port would be Ravensmeer where Grandpa Blackwell’s treasure was waiting. Fortuna seemed weary in the water. With all the repaires she was like a wounded pyrate, who had been patched up, but still waited to heal properly. It was almost painfulFortsæt læsning “14. Legacies”