6. Maithair

This is fantastic! The scenery here is amazing. Everything seems wilder here, the hills more rugged, the people more fierce and the spirits much more alive. And the men wear skirts, which is a novelty. The winds blow colder too, though, and I can’t decide whether to leave before winter or hole up somewhere cozy.Fortsæt læsning “6. Maithair”

3. Moving on and moving up

So, I’m moving on. I waved goodbye to him this morning, as he sailed out on the tide. He won’t be back for a week, and will find the house empty. He may be sorry to find me gone, but I’ve been here six months already. Now my bones are aching for moving on. HowFortsæt læsning “3. Moving on and moving up”

Fiona Blackwell

When we finished with Manon, Robert, Marco etc. we went on to the next generation. For a while I played Gabriel, Manons son, but playing a guy doesn’t suit me very well. Marco’s son Enrique and Robert’s 3. son Jean Luc played besides him (amongst others). I didn’t write any notes to Gabriel. Then weFortsæt læsning “Fiona Blackwell”

33. Faleron – an abbey under siege

Faleron is a large complex of houses, chapels, a hospital and a famous library connected to a small fishing village on a windy and ragged peninsula. The fisherman’s village was situated by a natural harbour in a cove a little back from the abbey, and 3 türkmenish corsairs were now lying in the cove firingFortsæt læsning “33. Faleron – an abbey under siege”

32. A quest

A few words must needs be be added before I begin this chapter. The knowledgeable bibliophilic will know this chapter did not figure in the 1st edition of this book, and will not be found in any 2nd edition either. The censorship conditioned that it be excluded from any published editions on the pain ofFortsæt læsning “32. A quest”

31. Damsell in distress

After having bought Antonio a new set of clothes (the other set had been rather damaged during his ordeal with the city guards and the hanging cage) and brought him home to his sour wife, the Ienne set course for Brest, where the kingpretender’s fund was to be delivered. Once in Brest the crew wasFortsæt læsning “31. Damsell in distress”