6. Following clues

Ah, Port Royal! How goode it was to be back! I much prefer having a deck under my feet to dry land, but Port Royal is unsteady enough to suit me. We had barely reached ShantyTown before we were attacked by eight meanlooking hoodlems. They must have been new in town for they didn’t react to the fact that I was a Blackwell and Mamasitas granddaugther at that. Well, we creamed them. Jean-Luc was an excellent comrade in arms, and the two sailors we had brought, George and Ralph was capable fighters as well. I was a bit bruised afterwards but nothing serious. By the time we reached Mamasitas it was all but forgotten.

I had dreaded telling Mamasita of Carlos’ death, but she already knew.  She had gone to the Lady in the Bog after news of St. Thomas had reached Port Royal, and she had told her that something was amiss in her family. Mamasita guessed that Carlos must have perished. I could not beare to tell her how exactily it had happened, the pictures of it haunts me to this day. And I would have ended my days right there next to him, if Billy hadn’t knocked me over my head and pulled me out. I was very angry with him for a while over that, but he took it in stride. ‘You’ll remember to thank me before we take leave of eachother’ he said, and I did. Before Alejandro put me in that rotten little dinghy I told Billy thank you. I looked him up as the first when I finally had a ship of my own under my feet.

Everything looked its own self. The sign still swinged by a single chain (I wondered why Matebe hadn’t fixed that, but he seemed to be out of town). We found Angelina in the kitchen. She tooke goode care of George and Ralph while we found Mamasita. She was not surprised by the fact that grandpa William had had four children in stead of three – he was ever fond of women. Good luck Mamasita didn’t mind sharing! We have that in common she and I; our freedom is worth more to us than any man. But she didn’t know who the third woman might have been. She advised us to look up Black Harry whom I remember being terrified of as a kid. He was a good friend of grandpa William, and he might know something. Hawk (the boatsman from Fortuna) and the crew man Billy Pond found us before we left Mamasitas. She invited them for her famous coconotspirit and they actually managed to gulp it down and not pass out! Hawk in particular seemed to take it all in stride. He is a big redheaded man, who might seem a bit stiff, but once he warms up he is enormously funny. The coconutspirits put some glow into their cheeks, but they held themselves up right. Together we went to Manybuys while Hawk told us of what he had found out; the attorney Greenwill-Cony lived in Port Royal, in a big yellow house up in BigLoo, where all the rich folk live.

Black Harry… Have you ever met Black Harry?’ (Luckily I hadn’t, but I’ve heard lots of bloodcurling stories of him, J.W.). ‘Black Harry is a large swarthy man with an evil eye – two actually! In his shoppe every one does exactly what he says or perish. The only way to deal with such a man is to not be afraid (and do exactly as he says…). I introduced myself to him, proposed my question and he promptly threw every one else but us out. He knew of one wench that William had seen on a regular basis; Prudence, a whore from ‘The Almohadhish Nights’. It was ages ago, and she might not be there anymore, but we might as well go aske about her. Before we left, he presented me with something of Williams that he had held for safekeeping; a long thin dagger, glistening with the oil that prevented it from rusting. On one side of the handle was the Blackwell familycrest, on the other side a crest I didn’t recognize (you won’t believe who’s crest it was! And I won’t tell you now – you’ll have to wait untill the right time in the storie!). Black Harry introduced Jean Luc and Hawk to his famous eggknockouts, which I passed over, having heard of them previously. The two boys got a bit silly, but amazingly they stayed up right! I was impressed.

We went to ‘The Almohadish Nights’. Hawk and Jean Luc went in the front door, and I went around back (I figured they wouldn’t let me in the front). Two ways of attacking the problem usually does the trick, but we needn’t have bothered. When they found out that Hawk and Jean Luc were not buying customers they were showne around the kitchen way, where I had already been introduced to a lovely young lady named Cecilie or somesuch. I had at that time already received several flattering offers to come worke there. I say flattering because though I never saw the attraction in selling myself for money, I knew that only the finest looking women were allowed to work in ‘The Almohadish Nights’. Well, Cecilie know of Prudence, who had died some years ago, it seemed. Cecilie didn’t know anything about my grandfather, since the affair had likely taken place before she was even born. But she told us that Prudence had given birth to a son some 20 years ago. He had been adopted by a dogooder family (the Slythes) of the reformish persuasion and taken to St. JamesPort to grow up. It all fit perfectly! Grandpa’s last clue was that we were to go to St. JamesPort – he must have known that the fourth heir was there. I hoped at the time that he would be a pushover not wanting to join us on our quest. What can I say; I’m a pirate and pirates are a greedy lot.

Last before we left Port Royal behind us, we went to see Sir Greenwill-Cony up in BigLoo. Sir Greenwill-Cony was a fat and greasy man. He ate constantly, and could tell us only little. He confirmed the story about Prudence and fleshed it out a little. Too be honest I can’t quite remember now what Cecilie told us and what Greenwill-Cony told us, but I remember thinking that Cecilie had told us much more of importance than Greenwill-Cony had! He told us one thing of importance though; he identified the unknown crest for us: it was the Venduer family crest! The royal family! Grandpa Williams had neglected to tell me a lot of goode stories it seemed! What could this mean? I knew it meant one thing: fantastic adventures, mindboggling mysteries and maybe more than mere treasure at the end!

Offentliggjort af Den tatoverede børnebibliotekar

Bibliofil rollespiller, Æventyrer, lystløgner, mor og zeppelinerstyrmand. Jeg har knytnæverne resolut plantet i siden og med en kappe, der blafrer i vinden

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